Reactive Chemicals and Materials, Monomers, Resins, Peroxides, APIís Batteries and Explosives Ė all have the potential to produce heat by exothermic reactions, these typically are unwanted. If the heat is not removed there is the potential for a Runaway Reaction.

Only when tests are conducted in a truly adiabatic system (e.g., the THT ARC [Accelerative Rate Calorimeter] ), is it possible to scale-up from the laboratory scale to any commercial scale.

One ARC test will answer many questions

The Questions

The Conclusions

Is there a thermal hazard?

How to control the process

At what temperature does it begin?

How to regain control if this is lost

How many processes?

How much time is there for corrective action

Simple or complex mechanism?

How much time is there for evacuation

Is there an effect of impurity or additive?

Which temperature should alarms be set

How fast does it occur? (the kinetics)

What is the temperature of No Return

How big an event is it? (the thermodynamics)

What is the Time to Explosion

At what temperature will all control be lost?

What is the critical radius of storage vessel

What time will all control be lost?

Evaluation of catalyst, inhibitor, accelerator, impurity.

What time is there before explosion?

Determination of reaction kinetics and thermodynamics

How much pressure develops?

Information for relief vent sizing

At what rate does pressure increase?